Another View from Here

IMG_8858Well, once again the view isn’t much different this week except it’s snowing. What can you do?

IMG_8849This is our view coming back from our shop after plugging in the tractor. Téa and Fiona left us behind. It was -21c and the windchill was -30c. It’s colder than that now. Brrrr.

10 Responses to “Another View from Here”

  1. Looking at your snow makes me feel a bit cooler!! I enjoy your different takes on the same scene.

  2. Our weather here is the total opposite. We are melting in the heat.
    Beautiful photos once again Rhonda-Lynne. Looking forward to more ❤

  3. I am shaking looking at these pics! As cold as the snow is, it does make for some beautiful images!

  4. Wow, living in the Calgary area where we get regular warm Chinook winds (as is on the cards for the rest of this week), you forget that the rest of the North is not as lucky as us. Stay strong – you know the winter will have to end at some point!!!

  5. The snow and cold make for beautiful photos.

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