A View from Here

IMG_8734Week 2 of my challenge to myself. The view hasn’t changed much. Hopefully next week I can get a horse or a sunset in it for a change.

12 Responses to “A View from Here”

  1. But a different take on it! Still looks a tad chilly over there 🙂 !

  2. Lorraine Fonseca Says:

    So beautiful compared to our concrete walls, busy road and telephone/electricity poles. Stunning photo Rhonda-Lynne. Look forward to the next one ❤

  3. The snow covered fields contrasts beautifully with the soft blue skies.

  4. The blue sky warms it up a bit!

  5. I see you still have snow up there as well. Your project has inspired me. I started taking a photo out of our kitchen window and will do so every day for a year (or almost every day given holidays etc), and then put it all together like one of these timelapse thingys (my technical term for something that I haven’t figured out how to do yet!).
    So thank you for sharing your view and inspiring me!

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