Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all!

20140513-114344.jpgFor Mother’s Day my husband and daughter took me out to my favourites green house, Fern’s and I got to go camera crazy! It was awesome! I had a great time and will share some of the photos over the next couple of days. The first flower is a dahlia and I’m not sure what this next one is.


7 Responses to “Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all!”

  1. Lorraine Fonseca Says:

    Both really beautiful. I see you are enjoying some bright colours after the snow 🙂

  2. Lovely colours.

    it was Mothers’ Day here in the UK on the last Sunday in March. We call it Mothering Sunday, which gets everyone off trying to work out where the apostrophe goes. I still reckon the rest of the world has got it wrong as it should be Mothers’ Day, a day for all mothers and not just one! It’s a bit of an off date as we don’t have many blooms naturally flowering here at that time of year and the weather isn’t usually that great either. When I was a child there were only daffodils available but now we import loads.

    Hope you had a good day.

  3. Mary Stewart Says:

    Love Fern’s…such a bit of spring!! Love the photos!!!

  4. Gorgeous flowers.

  5. Gina Lighton Says:

    And also to you Rhonda Lynne! I think you celebrate on a different day but one can never have too many well wishes!

    From Gina, that arty pirate girl!

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