Long Snowy Road Home

longroadhomeWe are stuck in a deep freeze here in northern Alberta.  Temperatures into the -30c range and lots of snow.  Our house is up this road on the left.  At times it is hard to see where the road even is.  I hate winter!!


7 Responses to “Long Snowy Road Home”

  1. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    Your weather and the snow looks terrible. When does the bum weather usually start your winter? I love seeing all your pictures and I feel sorry for you. What month does the bad weather usually start and when apprx. does it end? Keep warm and on 2 feet ! We presently have a tad of snow on the ground . Joyce from Connecticut, USA

  2. The deep freeze is here also, but at least we didn’t get the snow storm with it.

  3. I feel for you, it’s so much colder up north than down here in Okotoks! Like you I am sick of the winter already; we seemed to have had a lot of snow already and the shoveling is getting very tiresome now. Keep warm my friend!

  4. Now I am happy that we only have the frigid temps…and not all that snow! Beautiful though!

  5. regularman Says:

    That really tells the story.

  6. What a gorgeous photo – I know I’m a little late in posting this comment – but we are sitting in the +30’s, just the opposite! I really don’t think I’d like to have that long a winter, either!

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