Teddy Bear Theme #309

teddybearI want to thank all of you who have followed my blog for the past three years.  I have had a wonderful time doing these 365 day challenges.  I have learned a great deal and (I hope) grown as a photographer.  In doing so I have discovered that I truly love doing florals and macro photography.  As I move on into 2014 I am going to concentrate more on this style of photography and will not be doing another 365 challenge.  Although I won’t be posting daily, I plan to post several photos weekly.  I would love for you to stay and follow this new direction with me.  As always your critiques are more than welcome!  So to wrap up 2013 I give you my final theme.  The teddy bear!  This is a little ornament that I have made.  The bear (of my own design) is a fully jointed 2 1/4″ bear with magnets in his paws so he can hang on the ornament.  I have made many of these through the years, all unique.  I hope you enjoy him and again, thank you!

5 Responses to “Teddy Bear Theme #309”

  1. It’s gorgeous! Lovely photo!

  2. He is a beautiful little person – I love the idea of the magnets in his paws! I will certainly be looking for your future pictures, and wish you every success in the new year!

  3. He is so cute!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Shouldn’t the Bears be White or underground?

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