Christmas Concert

christmasconcertLast night was my son’s Christmas concert.  They did a great job fitting 7 grades into 1 hour!  Aidan was enjoying the singing and really singing with feeling this year.  ;0)  In the group photo he is the tall one in the white shirt beside the stable.  The boy standing behind him with just his head showing is his cousin Josh.  Aidan is in grade 3 and Josh is in grade 4.


5 Responses to “Christmas Concert”

  1. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    Very nice and thank you. And a Merry Christmas to all of you Joyce Little Folks Farm

  2. A lovely photo of a very serious Aidan!! I think that most primary school children enjoy their Christmas concerts! I wonder about the teachers, though – an awful lot of work for them!

  3. Children’s concerts are the best way to spread Christmas joy.

  4. Love the light on his face that plays up the purity of his expression.

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