Christmas Kitty

quimbyOur pretty Quimby hanging out under the tree.  If his right eye looks a little weird it is because he is blind in that eye after a nasty cat fight this summer.  Sorry about the lack of posts.  I have been so busy here getting ready for Christmas, no time to post.  :0)  I have one more theme to go and then I am done.  Yay!

5 Responses to “Christmas Kitty”

  1. Lorraine Fonseca Says:

    Quimby is gorgeous. Makes me miss our beautiful Cleo even more.
    You caught a lovely photo under the Christmas Tree.

  2. My Snow says Merry cat Christmas to Quimby.

  3. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    Give that cute kitty a hug from me in CT. Joyce

  4. He must be really good to have on your lap (or feet!) when the weather is chilly!! Love him, and the photo!

  5. Sweet! Quimby is gorgeous.

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