Stormy Theme #296

SONY DSCWe have had a snow storm going on for 2 days now.  No sign of letting up yet and I think Barney and Rosie are sick of it.

5 Responses to “Stormy Theme #296”

  1. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    Loved the picture but sorry about the snow storm. We haven’t had any yet here in Connecticut. I bet Barney and Rose are sick of it, I would be two if it was 2 days and more. Joyce

  2. Their coats should be lush enough!

  3. The snow makes for a lovely “filter.”

  4. Lorraine Fonseca Says:

    Such a beautiful photo, but I just want to give them a warm hug. I hope the snow storm passes. I love the snow falling on the screen while I am commenting on your photo 🙂

  5. The snow storm although not fun for Barney and Rosie makes for a lovely photo.

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