Small Town Theme #284

SONY DSCLast night we went into town for Light Up the Park.  For a small town (7000) Peace River does a nice job.  There were fireworks, goodies for the kids, carols, hot chocolate, hot dogs and they turned on the big Christmas light displays.  I didn’t take my tripod because I knew I was going to be trudging through snow and I wasn’t sure where I would be able to set it up with crowds and little kids running around.  I did not too bad handheld considering it was -13c with a windchill of who knows what.  I was kneeling on cold, ice covered pavement but I got a few ok ones.  These are my 2 favourites.  3 second exposures.


5 Responses to “Small Town Theme #284”

  1. Love them! Well done, considering you handheld your camera!!

  2. Something to celebrate.

  3. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    Neato and thanks, Joyce

  4. Fireworks in the snow…now that is fun! Bet it was freezing though!

  5. Fireworks for Christmas??? Your town ROCKS!

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