Mother Nature Theme #203

mothernatureMother Nature has some wonderful surprises.  My hubby found this little fellow next to our firepit out camping.  He is missing is left front leg but seems to be doing well.  He is a Western Toad and Aidan was thrilled with him.  After his photo shoot he was helped along to the safety of the trees.


5 Responses to “Mother Nature Theme #203”

  1. Great Find and wonderful return!

  2. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    Thank you for sending this to me. I sure hope the little fellow will get along ok with that missing leg. Let me know how he makes out in a few days. Take care all of you. Nice weather down here in Connecticut. Joyce

  3. Nice capture and release . . .

  4. For a minute when you said “.and Aidan was thrilled with him” I thought you’d acquired another pet.! Well done for the release, as others have said. I think that the subject of your photo was well caught, too!

  5. A delicate moment, and the focus is just perfect.

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