Friendship Theme #139

friendshipBarney and Rose Petal are best of friends even though there is a 1700 lb difference between them and she could walk right under his belly.  He lays down so she can scratch his back for him and she rests her head on his feet or neck when they are laying down resting.  So sweet to see.

4 Responses to “Friendship Theme #139”

  1. Lorraine Fonseca Says:

    There’s my favorite boy – Barney ! Love him. Such a handsome boy, and Rose Petal is just as special in her smaller body. Beautiful photo Rhonda-Lynne. You can see they are best of friends.

  2. I have tall friends too.

  3. And their facial marking is very much the same also.
    This is a great photo of the friends.

  4. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    What a cute picture and thank you for sharing. Joyce

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