Velvet Theme #337

velvetA young mule deer buck with his antlers still in velvet came to visit us.  So beautiful.  I also have a bit of sad news.  My mare Peach who I shared a picture of the other day has miscarried her foal so no more foals this year.  Since I have gelded my stallion I will have no more foals ever.  I am pretty sad tonight because I was really looking forward to this foal.  Poor Peach.

9 Responses to “Velvet Theme #337”

  1. Give her that special bit of care for a while, they feel too!

  2. So sorry to hear the news. Give Peach an extra treat from us.

  3. He’s beautiful & so sorry for your and Peach’s loss. 😥

  4. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    I am sad too for you and Peach on the loss of the baby. Your mule deer picture was very nice. Thank you for sharing. Joyce

  5. The velvet is so attractive on him, beautiful composition.

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