Trim Theme #326

trimMore car pictures.  This is part of the trim on the trunk.  Chrysler?  Buick?  Anyone know?


12 Responses to “Trim Theme #326”

  1. Dunno the make–but what odd, almost flower-like, markings in the background. Looks like someone was taking pot shots at it.

  2. I’m more interested in that it was one of Bonnie & Clyde’s escape cars!!!!

  3. regularman Says:

    My guess is Chevy. The empty space in the center looks like it would hold the old emblem.

    I’m having problems with this reply, my apologies if it’s a duplicate.

    • regularman Says:

      Aha … removing the link to the photo I found worked.

      Try pasting the two halves of this URL in your browser to get to the photo I found online.

      • regularman Says:

        Sorry to hijack this … is that the same car as the door handle for “Silver?” The handle is a 1952-ish Chevy.

      • No problem. Yup same as the handle. Thanks for the help. The other link is very similar. I knew someone would know. I should have looked closer at the whole car myself. Lol.

  4. Love this…I have no clue about cars so I’m not even going to guess! 🙂

  5. I’m thinking this did probably belong to Bonnie or Clyde . . .

  6. Love the colours – the turquoise goes beautifully with the rust – just as someone else said, looks like flowers!! I, too, can’t help with the manufacturer!!

  7. great textures and colour.

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