Young Theme #364

youngI went on a little drive today and came across this moose calf.  She (I just have a feeling, ;0)) must have been just left by her mom because she seemed a little bewildered.  She is shedding a lot too so she is a lot lighter in color than she would normally be.  The lightest colored moose I have ever seen in person.  The moose is my favourite Canadian wild animal.  I just love how much character they have.

6 Responses to “Young Theme #364”

  1. Better than having a Moose Loose in the Hoose as the Scots might say!

  2. Oh what a wonderful capture. She looks marvelous.

  3. Mom will be back–but how lucky you were to capture that moment!

  4. Lorraine Fonseca Says:

    Beautiful photo. Lucky you went out when you did.

  5. Gina Lighton Says:

    oh, he’s beautiful!! I love this pose you’ve captured… a great pose for drawing!

  6. Loving his baby fuzz! So jealous!

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