Last Day of Catch Up

I am going to be all caught up after this post!  I bet you will all be glad.  I will still post a few more of my trip though since it is practically a blizzard here today!  We have a bunch more snow and high winds.  No fun at all.  I wish I could send it someone else’s way.

treeTree Theme #325

We saw this cool tree along Ocean Ave.  I’m not sure what kind it is but I wish I could have one here.

reflectionsReflections Theme #248

Speaks for itself.

cityCity Theme #63

This was our hotel, the Loews Santa Monica.  Our room was just behind the last small palm tree on the right.  We had one of the few patio rooms and it was gorgeous!!  I am so spoiled.  Thank you Rob!!


3 Responses to “Last Day of Catch Up”

  1. I have enjoyed your Santa Monica pictures, and look forward to more soon!! The tree is weird – never seen anything like it, either, and love the reflection of the wheel. It’s chilly here, too, snow in some of our high mountains!

  2. Looks like a lovely place to vacation.

  3. I have enjoyed my virtual vacation…thanks for sharing the pics with us!

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