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Another Day of Catch Up

Posted in Photography on April 19, 2013 by paintedmeadows

chairChair Theme #60

These chairs and tables are in the Edmonton airport.  I love all of the smooth lines and the way they reflect the light.  There were a bunch of little kids having a great time sliding on them.  Who can blame them?

elusiveElusive Theme #102

This little fish and the tiny octopus were very elusive when I tried to take photos of them.

fishFish Theme #122

This is the egg sack of a shark.  I can’t remember what kind.  The egg sack is about the length of my hand.  If you look closely you can see the shark curled up inside, you are looking at his tummy.  He was wiggling around in there and looked like he was saying “Let me out!”  lol.  Very cool.