Sunflower Theme #303

sunflowerThese sunflowers are artificial but they bring some bright flowery sunshine to a dull winter.  Will it ever end?  *sigh*


6 Responses to “Sunflower Theme #303”

  1. Hang in there, Friend – it will, ONE DAY!! LOVE the sunflowers, the lighting is so good!

  2. Love the bright colorful sunflowers . . . so much better than the dull grey sky and ice covered trees that we are experiencing.

  3. O thought the song says “April Showers bring the Flowers that bloom in May” Ain’t you a little early with the complaints> LoL

  4. Cool on so many levels–the subtle use of selective color, the simple geometry, the reflection…

  5. Artfully done, would have never known these are’t alive.

  6. Look real to me! The reflection is great and I like that you toned down the other colours so the yellow could really pop

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