A Little Bit More Catch Up

We’re almost caught up folks!  I’ll bet you are glad!  lol

goldenGolden Theme #152

One of the many beautiful fountains at the resort.


Wooden Theme #355

This wooden horse is about the same size as my Clydesdale, Barney.  Of course the proportions were a bit different but I couldn’t resist taking a pictures of him.

fireFire Theme #121

The Japanese restaurant was a lot of fun!  Almost lost some eyebrows too.  lol

curvesCurves Theme #87

One of the pools on our side of the resort.  It keeps going past the bridge.  The peaked roof you can see in the distance is above the swim-up bar and it went on pass that.  Lots of room to swim.

4 Responses to “A Little Bit More Catch Up”

  1. The one at the Japanese restaurant is quite dramatic–fantastic use of lighting.

  2. A great batch of photos, R-L! I, for one, have been so enjoying your “catch-ups”, I’ll be quite disappointed when you are done!! lol

  3. The drama in the fire photo is great as are all in this series.

  4. Hope you had a sip at the Fountain of Youth? Love the variety posted here.

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