More Catch Up

pinkPink Theme #229

Some of the flamingos from the resort.  So pretty.


colorfulColorful Theme #71

They also had a few macaws and I was sad to see their wings clipped.  They are very beautiful birds.  I love their faces.

wineWine Theme #351

A beautiful display of wine at one of the restaurants.

ironIron Theme #176

I loved the iron hardware on these doors.  I’m not sure where it came from but it definitely looked old.


8 Responses to “More Catch Up”

  1. Lorraine Fonseca Says:

    Your photos are really beautiful Rhonda-Lynne. I particularly love the birds. Awesome ! love, Lorraine

  2. Wonderful, but those Flamingoes should try the milder brand of Brine shrimp and get back to pink!

  3. The two bird images are stunning. Love the intense colors and the elegant curve of the neck on the flamingo.

  4. Great pics once again!! The birds are really awesome – love flamingos! One must be most reluctant to purchase a bottle on wine and upset the display…!!!

  5. Fantastic colors . . . and the birds are beautiful.

  6. My favourite is PINK. So striking and so … pink

  7. what a smashing eclectic mix of pictures. Great stuff.

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