Day Three Catch Up

beamBeam Theme #22

The wood beam or lintel in this picture is over 1000 years old.  You can see it in the center under the thatching.  I can’t remember what this building originally was.  I think the beam was made of rubber wood.

archArch Theme #8

This archway was one of only 5 entryways through the wall into Tulum.  The wall ran along 3 sides of the city and the ocean runs along the 4th with a cliff face.  The wall was 16ft high and 26ft thick.  Very impressive.

traditionTradition Theme #319

The large building in the back is where they would sacrifice children on the solstices and equinoxes.  We weren’t allowed to climb it though.

sandSand Theme #267

Now for something a bit lighter.  This sand castle was on the beach at the resort.  I think some kids worked very hard on it.

8 Responses to “Day Three Catch Up”

  1. Fascinating ruins with so much history to them. I like the light touch of the sand castles to end this series.

  2. I think that we are all thoroughly enjoying your holiday, R-L!! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos – we look forward to lots more!!

  3. I love the stonework but am impressed with the juxtapositioning of the last image!

  4. It always amazes me how people back in time could build such grand structures. The stone work is fascinating! I also love that sand castle village…those kids should be proud!

  5. The ruins look great but I particularly like the sand castle. Your placement of the sandcastle right below the village is so clever

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