Day Two of Catch-up

historyHistory Theme #166

One of the buildings overlooking the ocean at the ruins of Tulum in Mexico.  We were told what all of the buildings were but I can’t remember.


artArt Theme #9

This is some original art inside one of the buildings.  We weren’t allowed to go inside and it was all roped off.  I had to get down on my knees and use my 300mm lens with my 2x zoom to see what it even looked like.  I was thrilled when I put it on my ipad later to look at it.  There is even still some color left on it.  I think a lot of people completely missed it.  Such a shame.

carvedCarved Theme #59

A carved decoration on one of the buildings.


stoneStone Theme #295

Another beautiful building at Tulum.  In the grass in front you can see a low stone wall.  It is surrounding a grave.  The priests were buried in these large plots.  One priest to a plot.  I was quite surprised about the size of them.  Just a little fun thing, if you look along the top of the building you will see some iguanas hanging out in the sun.  They were everywhere.  I just love them so there will be pictures in the future.  lol


7 Responses to “Day Two of Catch-up”

  1. I am loving your vacation…I especially love that last picture. It is amazing those buildings are still standing! Great details!

  2. Fascinating photos of these amazing buildings.

  3. Marvelous shots–you’ve conveyed the age and mystery.

  4. Thanks for sharing After these I would love to see the plains of Nazca, (Blame Von Dannekin!)

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