Music Theme #206

SONY DSCMy husband’s band C. Alice with the band Doug & the Slugs.  C. Alice members are Dave Long on the far left, my husband Rob Lanctot second from left, Dano Laflamme second from right and Ron deBoon on the far right.  In the middle are 5 of the 6 members of Doug & the Slugs.  It was a great time and they all put on a fantastic performance.  Missing is the opening act, No Limitz.

5 Responses to “Music Theme #206”

  1. To Gig is to LIVE! I understand.

  2. Looks like a happy group of fellows–nice work capturing the personalities.

  3. One of those photos I’m sure will stay in their archives – a good reminder of a great evening!

  4. Loving all those smiles…bet this is a really fun band!

  5. Great capture of the group all with smiles. 🙂

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