Rock Theme #257

rockMy husband plays in a classic rock band named C. Alice and they had a gig last night opening up for a Canadian band from the 80s named Doug and the Slugs.  It was a great time!!  My hubby, Rob plays bass and is on the right and the guitar player on the left is Ron deBoon.  You can read more about C. Alice at

8 Responses to “Rock Theme #257”

  1. Interesting to read up on C.Alice!! sounds like they are all dedicated – to both their music and their fun! Love the foto of the guys.

  2. Awesome photo in difficult lighting situation.

  3. Terrific PR shot too.

  4. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    Very interesting and thanks for telling me. Joyce

  5. Love the lighting and the interaction between the two.

  6. I love the lighting in this…great portrait!

  7. Love concert photography, posted a few on my site a few weeks ago. Even better when you know the band members!

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