Heart Shaped Theme #164

SONY DSCMy caramel macchiato with a little love for me.  Just getting over the flu.  It was horrible.  Now my daughter has it.  Last week it was my son and then hubby.  Boy will I be glad when it makes it’s way all the way through the family.  So now I need to catch up.  I have 2 to post today.


9 Responses to “Heart Shaped Theme #164”

  1. Good to see you keeping it in the family stay in quarrantine until it passes! LoL Get well quickly!

  2. Sounds like you need the love! And with all that going on, you were still able to pull off such a sweet photo…

  3. So far, knock on wood, nobody in my immediate family has gotten it…but everyone around us have. Doesn’t sound fun. Glad you comfort drink made you feel a bit better! Yummmmm

  4. Looks yummy!! Sorry to hear you’ve all been so ill – wondered why you have been quiet! Get better quick, ready for the Mexico trip.

  5. Sorry to hear the flu is making its way through your family. The carmel heart looks like a wonderful cure.

  6. perfect to brighten up the day. Lot’s of flus and cold over here to 😦

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