An Edge Theme #5

SONY DSCBusy day with the kids today.  Between games of 31, playing out in the snow, MarioKart on the Wii, making supper and movie night I figured I had better pop in for a quick post!  Poor hubby has a bad migraine so I am trying to entertain the kids to keep them quiet.  So this is the binding of my new leather journal.  I am going to use it to keep track of my photography bucket list and ideas for shoots.  It has beautiful handmade paper inside too.  I love it!!

11 Responses to “An Edge Theme #5”

  1. I love the thongs on this, also for you Hubby tell him to try some Vitamin B6 and Folate supplements, I saw that it had some good results in a recent study on Women who suffer those horrible Migraines. Tell him the kids didn’t cause it, the only thing you can catch from kids is insanity! LoL

  2. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    Sorry about your husband’s migraine. I know what they are like as I had them for a few years. Very miserable. Joyce

  3. I have a weakness for journals like that. It looks This looks like a well crafted elegant book, and the lighting you chose makes it look timeless.

  4. I like the minimum lighting on this journal. I would never be able to write in it as I’d be afraid of ruining it!

  5. I love the deep rich colour of this! This photo reminds me that I need to buy a journal for my summer drive to Alaska.

  6. What a beautiful book! and I also love the way you used the light. A friend of mine has migraines, too – most of hers are triggered by eating egg! She tries to avoid them, but sometimes misses the fact that they are in things like cake! I hope that Rob is better today.

  7. What a great idea! I should start one of those! Sorry to hear about your husband. Hope he feels better soon!

  8. I agree with all of the above. I am a sucker for quality books and stationery. Nicely lit photo too..

  9. What a great idea for journaling your photography thoughts. Makes it much easier when you are writing in a beautiful journal!

  10. Love the low key processing.

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