Action Theme #2

actionWell, my bird feeder isn’t attracting the variety of birds I had hope it would yet but it is giving me some nice chickadee action shots!

8 Responses to “Action Theme #2”

  1. I love how the sloping roof retains the snow, tested my eye a tad.

  2. Classic winter!

  3. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    A great shot for sure. We feed the birds here too. Joyce

  4. Love the action! Just wanted to go and “roll in the snow” after the heat here!!

  5. Love the blur of the wings as the bird flies to his lunch date.

  6. A great chickadee action shot! Love the bright yellow of the feeder, also.

  7. Awesome bird in flight…great clarity w/ just enough blur to show the action!

  8. Nice blur… and action. Good capture!

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