Sad Theme #265

sadAww, does it get any sadder than this?  Poor Squishy and Lily are not happy at all about all of the snow we keep getting.  Poor babies.

8 Responses to “Sad Theme #265”

  1. Send em on a holiday to Queensland, Hope they can swim and outrun bushfires though!

  2. I think you should bring them in the house to warm them up a bit!

  3. They do look a bit sad but not as sad as they’d be if they went to visit Ron.

  4. Still a long wait for warmer weather, too!!

  5. Lorraine Fonseca Says:

    Oh shame ! They look as if they need a hot shower and a cup of hot chocolate 🙂
    Great photo, but do feel for them.

  6. Brrr. . . they look like they would like to go out to play, but the weather just won’t let them.

  7. I can empathize with them big time.

  8. The picture reminds me of Eeyore in the Tigger Movie when Pooh and the others have rebuilt his demolished home:

    Could be a bit drafty.

    Might leak some.

    Sort of lopsided.

    Kind a… cramped.

    Otherwise, a dream house.

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