Equine Theme #106

equineMy sweet 2 year old filly, Athena.  So, I just noticed that I missed a post.  Oops.  I’ll double up another day.  A big thank you to everyone who views my blog every day and to those of you who leave comments or likes.  I really appreciate each and every one of you!!


10 Responses to “Equine Theme #106”

  1. Looks like a little horse off on a BIG adventure.

  2. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    I like her markings. I take it you are keeping her. Thanks for sharing her. Joyce

  3. She seems ready to handle the weather–great winter photo.

  4. I love her coloring! She looks cold, but ready to play!

  5. She is lovely – grown so much!!! Love the angle you’ve taken – ready to face the world..!

  6. Love this! She looks like she has her foot poised before making her decision as to where to head off to on her adventure….probably back to the barn lol

  7. Love her hairy jawline and the mane going in different directions.

  8. A lovely winter coat! I like the feel of action in this, I’d go back to the barn if I were her.

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