Flower Theme #130

flowerI put some bulbs in a glass vase on some glass marbles and this is the first one to bloom.  This shot is for Ron who I think was getting tired of the monotone winter shots.  lol


9 Responses to “Flower Theme #130”

  1. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    Just beautiful !! Joyce

  2. Sorry I am such a Petal Pooper but God made rainbows for a reason and I love the colour.

  3. Lorraine Fonseca Says:

    Beautiful ! Love the pink against the shaded blue/grey background. Very pretty

  4. One of my favorite blooms….love the simple composition!

  5. Beautiful composition and color

  6. Wonderful light. The peek inside to the stamens is especially lovely, tulips are so versatile.

  7. The “frame” of the vase adds an unusual visual punch.

  8. Beautiful image! I love tulips and I love that you got up close to it. Simply lovely.

  9. Beautifully sharp image with just enough colour to make this work brilliantly.

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