Cork Theme #79

SONY DSCThe corks that I am collecting for an art project on our new kitchen table.


13 Responses to “Cork Theme #79”

  1. Have you just come back from visiting Tammy? Musta been a short visit.

  2. Are you building a table with corks? I have friends who make things with corks–just sent them a photo of an easy chair made with them. ambitious–and, I daresay, likely uncomfortable. Your composition and lighting work very well–I lke the juxtaposition of the corks against the wine-colored background.

    • Nothing as ambitious as a table. A heart to hang on the wall that is colored by the wine stained ends of the cork. The table they are on is my new dining room table. Thank you.

  3. Wish I could be there to help with the cork collection, definitely looks better than a bunch of screw-tops.

  4. Wish we could help with the collection – lots of good reds here!! Super photo!

  5. Hardly can wait to see your finished project. We made a last name out of corks for a wedding gift for one of our Women Who Wine members…we had to save up lots of corks (and needlas to say, drink lots of wine) lol

  6. Nice lighting. I would love to see the finished product.

  7. Lovely deep colours, and I agree with the others, I would love to see the finished project

  8. If that’s your first night’s collection, you should complete the collection by the end of the month. Unfortunately, it might not be economically viable me sending the ones I collect across the pond for you otherwise i would gladly volunteer to help you.

  9. Nice simple shot! I like how the table compliments the red on the corks. I’m thinking your project might be one I should try… so I’d have an excuse to buy more red wine…..

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