Old Theme #217

oldAn old shed at my sil’s place.  I love old buildings, so much character.


11 Responses to “Old Theme #217”

  1. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    Pretty picture with the snow. Thanks for sending. What kind of a camera do you have? Joyce

  2. People too! (Sometimes)

  3. I really like the light in this image and the way the old building has been framed.

  4. I love old buildings too…and I really love how you framed it!

  5. How many more winters can this old building take? Great find in such a wintry landscape.

  6. Wonderful composition in this beautiful winter scene. The shed is so nicely nestled in between those trees that it gives it a cozy look even though a winter spent in this shed would be quite rugged!

  7. I love seeing old buildings, and this one is wonderful! (But I’m glad YOU’VE got all that snow & not ME!)

  8. Love the framing of the old building covered with the thick layer of fluffy snow

  9. I really like the deep snow hat on the roof.

  10. I love old buildings too……love the sunlight gently highlighting the old structure.

  11. Lovely image. Old building and new snow, great capture.

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