Bell Theme #24

bellMy little chickadee friend enjoying his seed bell.


14 Responses to “Bell Theme #24”

  1. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    What a great picture you have here. The little bird is ever so cute !! Sure would make a great picture for a Christmas card !! Thanks for sharing, Joyce

  2. I love how you managed to capture this little fellow just as he is coming in to land. Fab picture!

  3. Love the Wing Working!

  4. Nice action shot-the angle the bird is coming in at makes it dynamic.

  5. Love the action, and also the way the sun lights up the bird’s feathers!

  6. Now we know for whom that bell tolls 🙂 Really great shot!

  7. Love how the blurred wing helps show the motion…awesome capture!

  8. Fantastic capture!

  9. I am always advocating bird-in-action shots, as opposed to boring-bird-on-a-stick pics, This is a fantastic photo of a coal tit, which are notoriously hard to shoot because a) they are really fast and b) their eye disappears into the blackness of their head – something a little fill-in flash can help with. I love the dynamics of your photo and the contre jour lighting that shines through the wings and feathers. Smashing!

  10. Am attracted to your motion-blur and the wonderful lighting!

  11. LZDesignZ Says:

    I agree.. this beats “bird on a stick” pics any day! 😉 well done!!

  12. Ah yes… little chickadeedeedeedeedee…..LOVE all the detail you’ve captured on both the bird and the seed bell.

  13. Wonderful capture, and a great fit for this theme! Well done

  14. Sill catching up, this is so fabulous. I too love the action implied and how intent he/she is on the prize.

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