Winter Fun Day

aidanangrybirdIt finally warmed up enough to go play in the snow yesterday!  We have been having temperatures in the -28c to -34c range.  Brrrr.  Yesterday it made it to -10c when we were outside. 

winterkidsThe kids hanging out on our crooked gate!

15 Responses to “Winter Fun Day”

  1. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    I love the hat !!!! Keep warm. Joyce

  2. Looks Fun I hope you were warm inside when you took these! Happy New Year.

  3. Look at their rosie cheeks! Happy New Year.

  4. Still Brrrrrrrrr….but I bet the kids loved getting out! I need that Angry bird hat! 🙂

  5. oh good, a nice warm, toasty -10!! (kids are beautiful!)

  6. Love the chilly cheeks!

  7. Lorraine Fonseca Says:

    Such rosy cheeks and big smiles. Lovely photo

  8. Fantastic pictures and perfect exposures in the snow – please send some of the snow over to me, although we don’t really want the -34C.

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