Westie Snow Day

fionasnowSunday was a beautiful day here so we were all outside.  The snow is getting deep here so it is a real workout for little Fiona.  Here she is saying “It’s deep Mom, I don’t know…..”

OK, I’m going for it!


“Look at me Mom!!”



“Whee!! So much fun!”snowfun

She is so dang cute! She was pretty tired after all of her fun. I was too. lol

5 Responses to “Westie Snow Day”

  1. Now THAT is a Highland Dog in her Element, if ever I saw one, But I think I’ll come back into the warm now Mum, If’n ya Dinna mind!

  2. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    She is so lovely. Do give her a Christmas hug from me and thank you for sharing. Joyce

  3. I love how she blends in w/ the snow lol She is just so darn cute!

  4. I am so behind! She is indeed so cute and happy seeming, what fun.

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