Luggage Theme #179

SONY DSCMy husband’s briefcase.  And that is a wrap folks.  This is my last theme for 2012!!  Yippee!  I did it 2 years in a row.  Now I have a little break until I start the 2013 challenge.  You can sign up and join in on the Elements Village website at in the Pixel Hangout forum.  Myself and another forum member have made the list of themes which is also posted there.  I have learned so much doing these challenges and really pushed myself out of the box.  It is wonderful fun to do and following others doing the same thing is a great support!  So neat to see others’ take on the themes.  Fantastic photographers out there!  So come join the fun!  So from now till then I will just post fun pictures.  Happy Holidays everyone!!

10 Responses to “Luggage Theme #179”

  1. Says:

    Hi: Have signed up for your blog. Is that you in the small picture on the left? We woke up to snow this morning. It is so heavy & wet. Our neighbors used our snow blower and we gave them coffee. This was the deal they made with Bill after his last heart attack earlier this year with the snow.

    Keep up the good work. Love you, Mom xoxoxo

  2. Top Monotone, if it was yours you would see the Kitchen Sink and other Odds and Ends sticking out! LoL

  3. Congratulations on completing the challenge. Next year should be fun with the great list you compiled.

  4. A great ending to your list. Your photo skills and insights have continued to expand so glad I am part of the EV group. Congrats on taking on the 2013 list.

  5. Congrats on your accomplishment and what a way to end out the year! I am signing up for next year….looking forward to following your images for another year! 🙂

  6. Well done! I have only managed 365 once,but aim to try again with that fine bunch of themes you created.

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