Pretty and Sweet

SONY DSCThis morning’s sunrise was pretty in pink. 

SONY DSCFiona says “Can I come in?  Baby, it’s cold outside.”  lol.  She paws at the window behind my head when she wants in.  Hence the pawed up dirty glass.


5 Responses to “Pretty and Sweet”

  1. The sunrise is stunning, but frost bitten Fiona looks stunned, until thr next time she wants out.

  2. The sunrise is beautiful! What time does the sun come up over there nowadays? Do you get to sleep in?! Fiona looks quite quizzical – as if she is saying, what is taking you so long?… lol!

  3. Oh man. Fiona is just a snowy bundle of cuteness!!!

  4. Beautiful sunrise!
    Fiona looks like she had fun playing in the snow.

  5. Now that is a winter sunrise…gorgeous! Poor Fiona, bet she is cold!

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