Frosty Day

It was a brisk day today but visually beautiful with the heavy hoar frost.  My favourite thing about winter!

6 Responses to “Frosty Day”

  1. How long have you lived in a Picture Postcard?

  2. Wow, just beautiful! Believe it or not…here in NE we are still in the 60’s and I still have some flowers in bloom…so far a really mild year.

  3. Lorraine Fonseca Says:

    Such a beautiful photo. A real Winter Wonderland.

  4. Looks like a sparkling wonderland. Beautiful!

  5. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    Neat picture. Almost looked like it was snowing but I see you wrote frost. I’ve forgotten, where do you live? I’m in Connecticut. Joyce

  6. Almost looks like your header photo.

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