Northern Lights

I am just learning to take photos of the Northern Lights.  We are lucky to see them regularly here.  I need a trigger to help prevent shake and possibly a different lense but I am happy with them so far for a beginner.  I took this in my housecoat from my back deck.  lol.  I love rural life!


8 Responses to “Northern Lights”

  1. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    Nice shot and thanks for sharing. Joyce

  2. Lorraine Fonseca Says:

    That is so lovely Rhonda-Lynne. Great photo

  3. I am almost as Green with Envy as the Lights are – Spectacular!

  4. Wonderful capture! I envy your chances to witness this beautiful gift of nature :).

  5. Jealousy is not becoming BUT I am green with envy awesome shot!

  6. regularman Says:

    Wow. That’s a sight I’ve never seen. Someday … I hope.

  7. Fantastic! How wonderful to be able to view the northern lights.

  8. These are gorgeous!! This is on my bucket list of things to do sometime….have to figure out how to get far enough north do see them!

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