Status Theme #303

The status of the weather on our ranch right now.  SNOW!  Barney and the rest of the gang don’t seem to mind though.





6 Responses to “Status Theme #303”

  1. Barney looks Majestic!

  2. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    Yikes snow already. And I’ve forgotten where you live. Joyce

  3. Well not till the Wolves start baying! LoL Barney is beautiful.

  4. Yup, we are getting snow down to 3000 feet here tonight. This photo is full of memories for me; it is in my mind from my very young years. My grandfather’s draught horses were so gentle we could hang onto their legs, standing on their hoofs, as they slowly walked around. If you fell off they would stop. I remember them standing by the fence with 1 or 2 inches of snow on their back when they could have easily walked into the open barn.

  5. Barney looks happy with the new snow.

  6. You know I love Barney ! Awesome photos Rhonda-Lynne.

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