The Blues Theme #318

Poor Fiona, she has the blues because it is raining outside so I won’t let her go out and play.  Again, this photo is taken with my Lensbaby Composer with the single glass optic.

6 Responses to “The Blues Theme #318”

  1. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    She looks so sad here because of the rain. Our doxie hates the rain too. Joyce

  2. Fiona sure is looking blue. I do hope that the weather brightens up soon 🙂 Poor baby !

  3. Every picture tells a story – and this one matches the theme beautifully!!

  4. Fiona looks so sad in blue . . . soon the sun will come out and she can go play.

  5. Love the softness of the image…makes me more want to know Fiona’s story!

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