City Life Theme #48

Driving through Edmonton, Alberta.  Boy, I sure am glad I am a country girl now!!


6 Responses to “City Life Theme #48”

  1. Edmonton has always intimidated me, this was where I saw my first round-about a million years ago /:>), there is no comparing the country with any city really…makes us appreciative though I think the contrasts

  2. Give me the peace and tranquility of the country any time – but I also live in the city – good excuse for many breaks away!!

  3. We try to avoid city traffic as much as possible. Give me the quiet country roads any day.

  4. …. and they call this progress.

  5. I’m with you, I won’t drive in Sydney anymore (and I was born there a LLOONNGG time ago)

  6. Great shot, I suppose it would take time to get used to living in a city!

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