Emotions Theme #90

We got a beautiful little gift this morning.  My mare Peach (you may remember the picture of her and her huge belly) gave us an adorable colt this morning.  He took a real liking to the kids and here he is still wet snuggling up to Aidan.  Moments like this bring out a wealth of emotions in me.

6 Responses to “Emotions Theme #90”

  1. Congratulations – we would all like to be Aisan there.

  2. Joyce LaMarche Says:

    How wonderful and congratulations. Hope you get some pix for us. Joyce

  3. What a truly wonder-full moment!! Wishing mother and baby all the best!! Enjoy them both.

  4. Madelaine Says:

    Amazing, wonderful and full of love!!!!

  5. so late in catching up with you. This is so beautiful, I hope you print it very large and give it to Aidan at a big moment in his life.

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