Body Theme #28

My poor little Peach.  She still has a month to go before foaling but I am not sure how much more her body can stretch!


9 Responses to “Body Theme #28”

  1. Oh my she is huge . . . and with this heat she must be so uncomfortable.

  2. Oh my goodness, Peach is so huge and as John and Lois say she must be so uncomfortable in your heat.

  3. Her pose indicates she is not happy being photographed. LoL

  4. Yikes -is the foal sideways! Are you having the super high temps too?

  5. OMGosh, it is a wonder she can walk! She is huge…must be one big baby in there!

  6. oh that is one VERY pregnant mumma!
    Hope that the foaling is easy and you enjoy the new baby

  7. My thoughts were the same as Ellen’s!

  8. Whoa! I hope she’s getting on OK! She looks ready to pop!

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