Immature Theme #154

Well, our little Phoebe couple are now a Phoebe family!!  There are 3 little chicks but only one showed it’s goofy little face for this shot.  Twice 1 almost fell out, we found it clinging to the side of the nest hanging upside down so hubby gave it a little boost back into the nest and now all is well.  I had to do a tight crop in on the baby just so you can see how goofy it really looks.



6 Responses to “Immature Theme #154”

  1. Love Mum telling you to keep your distance – Or Else!

  2. The fluffy little fellow is so cute!

  3. Laughing 🙂 the baby looks like a cross between Big Bird of Sesame Street and Peanut a character in the Jeff Dunham comedy routine.
    Good to see a post from you Rhonda!

  4. Loving all of that fuzz!

  5. I love the fuzz head!

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