Gross Theme #137

I love my new macro lense!! Now for spiders…………….  This little guy/girl is smaller than my pinkie nail.  Go on, blow it up, I dare ya!!

6 Responses to “Gross Theme #137”

  1. Poor chap looks dead, guess whatever killed the caterpillars got him too!

  2. Nope, he is VERY alive! Came right at me as I took the caterpillar picks! EEKK!!

  3. I think he’s beautiful, all curled up for a nap. Look at all the hairs on his legs amazing 🙂

  4. Now I did, I blew it up and OMGOODNESS I am not too fond of spiders but such a wonderful detailed shot creepy as he might be to me…it is quite interesting to see what you see from indoors…good work…

  5. First of all . . . very nice details . . . now eeeeekkkkkk!!!!!

  6. Great detail on the enlarge…very nice work

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