Relationship Theme #254

Rosie (the miniature mare) and Barney the clyde/belgian gelding have a special relationship.  Barney loves to have his ears and head scratched but since Rosie can’t reach he lays down and she does it for him.  She will also scratch his mane and above his tail.  They are inseperable and will be together for their whole lives.  I love these two and they always make me smile.

7 Responses to “Relationship Theme #254”

  1. What a gorgeous story and the photo is great. Well done and thanks

  2. Precious photo.

  3. This is among the best relationship shots that I have ever seen, we all should take note and learn to see “Eye to Eye”!

  4. LOVE, that’s all I can say

  5. Lovely shot….is it usual for two very different breeds to have that sort of relationship?

  6. Love is the word for this, it is fantastic. Made my day!

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