Blessing Theme #24

This bright and beautiful bird is a male Baltimore Oriole.  He just glows.  Also, he and his lady love are tent caterpillar eaters.  I have seen 2 males in the yard but I took these pictures through a window so they are blurry.  I will try to get better and closer shots in the future.  Eat up little guys!!

7 Responses to “Blessing Theme #24”

  1. Been enjoying your pictures – even if they are taken through windows and doorwasy – still super! Rhea

  2. Love this one with the touch of yellow. We have orioles here as well.

  3. Orioles are beautiful birds . . . and I love their song.

  4. Wow! Spectacular colour – hope he is hungry too – a compensation for having caterpillars must be the beautiful birds they attract

  5. If they eat all those caterpillars you have they will be huge this time next week 😀

  6. I didn’t know they were so far north and east, great color.

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