Destruction Theme #74

We have had a big outbreak of tent caterpillars here.  They are horrible!!  Our house is covered, the garage, barn, chicken coop and horse run ins.  The decks, door steps, bus shelter.  Everywhere.  They have stripped the trees bare and it looks like fall again.  I can’t go outside because of my face so all of these pictures are from house windows.  Creepy!!  Oh and I have had a surgery date change to June 22nd.  One week later.  I am pretty  down about that but it could be worse. 





















8 Responses to “Destruction Theme #74”

  1. Yikes . . . so many caterpillars and so much destruction.

  2. WOW thats a lot of caterpillars…never heard of the variety but they sure do some damage

  3. That third shot is really scary LoL. Who got devoured straight out of their gumboot! will be thinking of you on the 22 Keep your chin up.

  4. Dreadful for you, they cause such havoc, is there anyway of getting rid of them. Sorry to hear about your op being ut off for another week, thinking of you and special prayers. Keep smiling!!

  5. Friends on Galiano and Mayne Islands have sent photos of these destructors, creepy is extra week to wait is a downer, hope the time flies for you…

  6. How disappointing having the surgery date delayed. Thanks for the update, sending 🙂 🙂 🙂 and hugs.

  7. sad your surgery is delayed – and that you have creeping caterpillars eating the scenery! Do they turn into butterflies? That might help
    hugs to you

  8. Sorry you have more of a wait and since I’m going backward in your posts it gets worse with the tent caterpillers. Seems like when there are that many the population crashes, but is is awful.

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