Speed Theme #291

Fiona burning off some energy before bed.  Look at how all of her feet are off the ground.  She is really fast for a tiny dog and almost caught a fox the other day.  I swear his tail slipped between her teeth.

8 Responses to “Speed Theme #291”

  1. Fantastic stop action photo.

  2. She is gorgeous and yhour photo of her is perfect, well done, love it.

  3. The sheer joy of the run is evident on her face – Hope soon you will be out there grinning with her.

  4. great photo, she is a beautiful dog!

  5. Sproing! I love Fiona. This is a great action shot.

  6. Great action shot…love the expression

  7. She is flying! So happy, I’d think a fox would be bigger than she is…

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