Small Theme #283

This little ladybug landed on my son’s sweatshirt.  I took this with my telephoto lens and then cropped into it so it is a bit fuzzy.  You do what you can from inside a trailer. lol

7 Responses to “Small Theme #283”

  1. So cute, our little lady birds are red. LOvely.

  2. Thirteen dots – That’s unlucky (For some) LoL

  3. I’d say you did a great job…I am loving those little eyes!

  4. I am amazed at the variety in these little bugs – we have some with hearts on their wings – and little racing striped as well as dots

  5. this is lovely, here ‘coccinelles’ ladybugs are red, don’t remember ever having seen an orange one growing up in the interior of B.C….the previous photos are gorgeous shots…

  6. I can remember a camping trip several years ago when the ladybug population exploded and the camp showers crowded with the critters.

  7. …and you did good….very nice shot

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